by Dan Francia

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Dan Francia on bass, vocals, piano, keyboard, turntables, guitar, talking drum, violin. Ed Kuiken on drums, chimes, guitar, sleigh bells, violin. Steve Mahedy on guitar. John Baumgartner on keyboard. Music by Dan Francia and Ed Kuiken. Words by Dan Fran. Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Francia at home, with additional recording at Shea Stadium. Track #5 is the chorus of the Speed The Plough song "More and More" written by John Baumgartner. Artlayout by John Baumgartner. First sample in "Buncha Horseradish" and samples in "No Time" are from Adventure Time Season 7 Episode 31 "I Am A Sword". Second sample in "Buncha Horseradish" is from "Been Around The World" by Puff Daddy & The Family. Photo by Mike Abrams and Catalina Guzman. Additional Engineering by Amar Lal. Mastered by Mike Tucci. Co-Produced by Emma Witmer.


released December 29, 2016

1.) Buncha Horseradish
featuring Brendan Campbell on marimba and Steve Hartlett on guitar

2.) Lost
featuring Powell Mark on bell and Mike Abrams on guitar

3.) Eternally Unsettling

4.) More and More

5.) No Time
featuring Marc Francia on guitar

6.) Fuck It, "Forgiveness"
featuring Toni Baumgartner on flute, Emma Witmer on keyboard, and Justin King on guitar



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Dan Francia New Jersey

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Track Name: Buncha Horseradish
Remember pressing shirts at Quigley's, and we all dreamt together? And when Washer left the practice space? We lost all that mattered. I'm sorry that you feel this way, won't be that forever. And when people come up to me at Shea say, "Ya shoulda done better". Don't forget what I said, can't tell me shit ever. While you hate you can't see the ways we will matter. In my room are Flagland shirts, and boxes of records. When you turn and walk away, you find it ends never.
Track Name: Lost
When you looe somebody, and you can't sit still, and you don't feel real, and you're looking for an example.
Track Name: No Time
No one has the time, to be the person they want to be. So find what peace you can, and nobody's gonna tell me who I am. That's the way that it really oughta be. Don't look at your friend and say, "You oughta be". Just when I was alive, and I was free. Like it was back in '88, and I was me. Then there came the day they let go of my hand. Weren't there before, but can't believe it's this again. Gone are the days that they called me fam. Now only to love me when I'm dead.
Track Name: Fuck It, "Forgiveness"
Had to end, didn't want it to. Saw a picture, I was mad at you. I don't want to feel that again. It's sad cause we'll untangle through our lives.